No space in STA PS mode buffer (2002-10-12)

Andrew Langrick andrew at
Tue Mar 4 09:10:57 EST 2003

>From a quick search through the source it looks like this is caused by 
a buffer being full.  The PS mode buffer stores frames for a paticular 
station while that station is in power save mode. When the station 
wakes up the frames are delivered.

This error is generated in hostap_ap.c:2397. If you were to increase 
the following #define (hostap_ap.h:7) you may solve the problem. I 
couldn't be sure that this won't break something else without a longer 
look at the source.

/* maximum number of frames to buffer per STA */
#define STA_MAX_TX_BUFFER 32

You could try turning off powersave for all of your hosts to see if 
this stops the error occuring, then you would know it was due to this.

Hope this helps
Andrew Langrick

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