pacth: txpower/rate/sens/retry restored after card reset

Jirka Bohac jbohac at
Sun Mar 2 20:42:40 EST 2003

hi all,

HostAP frequently resets the wireless card. This causes two problems:

1) lots of settings are lost during the reset, including the tx_power,
rate, sensitivity and retry_count.

2) the whole system freezes on many of these resets.

While we have absolutely no clue of what causes the second problem, the
first can be easily dealt with. Attached is a little patch against the
recent CVS version of HostAP.

The patch restores the setting after a card reset. HFA386x code from 
ioctl handlers has been moved to new functions, that are now called by
both the handlers, and by the prism2_hw_config().

Two silly hacks are also present in the patch:
Output power conversion to/from dBm has been removed, because it just
did not work, and we have a beter calibration for our cards.

We also tried to minimize the number of resets which cause our machines
to hang. We disabled HW resets after BAP0 failirues.

Any comments will be greatly appreciated. 

Has anyone else had the problem of resets hanging the whole system? Any
solutions? Any way to cleanly minimize the number of resets? Are they
all necessary? It just keeps hanging most of our many routers, running
various linuces on many different harware setups.

Jirka <>, 
NetDave <>
CZFree.Net community network, Prague, Czechia

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