txpower setting problem

Robert Davidson puttputt at iaccess.ws
Sun Jun 29 09:11:21 EDT 2003

Hi All,

I have a Veritech VAC2511-D, which is a 200mW PCMCIA card based on the 
Prism2.5 chipset I believe.

The firmware is PRI=1.1.1, STA=1.7.4

I am testing between 2 Linux boxes in the same room, with the Veritech 
card acting as an access point using the HostAP drivers.  However, I 
can't seem to be able to tell it not to transmit at 200mW.  I'd like to 
lower it's output power a bit but the card seems to take no notice of 
"iwconfig wlan0 txpower 15dBm".

I also tried setting it via the prism2_param util but that didn't seem 
to work either, like so: "prism2_param wlan0 txpower 15dBm"

Is there anything that I'm missing here or can't we change the TX power 
on these things?


Robert Davidson.
IRC: puttputt, AustNet, #mlug

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