Netgear MA311 + hostap: seg fault :'(

Yannick Marcq yannick.marcq at
Mon Jun 23 05:08:05 EDT 2003


I tried to install a PCI wireless card (netgear ma311) on my linux box: 
debian woody, kernel 2.4.20 and 2.4.22-pre1. I built hostap from cvs and 
from the sources of the archive provided on the website.

My problem is in all cases, when I do 'modprobe hostap_pci', there is a 
segmentation fault.
Then ifconfig is freezed.

If I try lsmod then, I see something like 'hostap_pci   Initialization' 
: it seems the seg fault happens during the initialization phase ? 
(maybe it's not of any help, but maybe it is ;) )

Did somebody had the same pb ? The card works fine in adhoc mode, with 
the orinoco_pci module of the kernel.


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