WDS and ftp problem

Aditya S C adityasc at tataelxsi.co.in
Thu Jun 19 00:14:30 EDT 2003

Hi All

I need a input in regards with using more than one PCMCIA card.
My setup is as follows:

Wireless Card configuration:
PRISM 2/2.5 based,
Secondary firmware Card1-1.4.9 and Card2-1.7.4
16 bit PCMCIA interfaces

Hostap driver version: 0.0.3 (CVS)

Test Setup:
AP1 - Interfaces ---> WLAN11 -- WLAN12 -- ETH10
AP2 - Interfaces ---> WLAN21 -- WLAN22 -- ETH20

WLAN11/ WLAN21 -- Channel 1, ESSID TEST1
WLAN12/ WLAN22 -- Channel 11, ESSID TEST2

WDS links are created in the following manner

WLAN11 <---> WLAN21
WLAN12 <---> WLAN22

I have stations connected to each of the AP's using
cross cable.

AP1 --> ETH10 --> STA1
AP2 --> ETH20 --> STA2

Bridge exists on both the AP.

BR10 --> wlan0wds0 + wlan1wds0 + eth0
BR20 --> wlan0wds0 + wlan1wds0 + eth0

	wlan0wds0 --> WLAN11 <---> WLAN21
	wlan1wds0 --> WLAN12 <---> WLAN22

I initiate a ftp between the two stations - STA1 and STA2.

One of the AP hangs immediately after issuing a ftp get/ put

Can someone help me out with this:

a) Is the test setup fine? 
b) What could be the reason for this failure? 

Could some please guide me through this problem???

Thank in advance!


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