Engenius 200Mw question. [Off Topic]

Lee Ryman leeryman at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 16 22:07:35 EDT 2003

> With selecting manually which of two connected antennae is used for
> trasmitting, the advantage is in being able to use a very high gain
> antenna for receiving while still being within the lawful limits for
> transmit power. I.e., you can connect one 24dBi antenna and one 9dBi
> antenna, and then use the 24dBi one for receiving and the 9dBi one for
> transmitting, so that your EIRP is <= 100mW (or whatever the limit in
> your country is).

That is a good idea, however it is not really characteristic of diversity.
In an environment where your already limited in Tx power it seems silly to
induce even a few  dB of loss on the receive by having another diversity
switch in the receive path. I may be wrong, it may make little difference, I
suppose intersil should know what they are doing :)

On a further side note, are the Prism range of chipsets limited to 15dBm? or
are there 200mW versions? In Australia, the max EIRP for the 2.4GHz band is
4W, however no one seems to sell any 200mW models. It would be nice to take
advantage of a higher output card with out the need for overly high gain



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