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David Gurevich dgurevich at
Fri Jun 13 13:11:21 EDT 2003

I was thinking more about this and decided that you are right. There is no problem in using 4 address frames.
What it really boils down to is running HostAP as an infrastracture client (a ST), in Managed mode and cofiguring
the WDS links to other HostAP nodes which are likewise configured. Everything on the same frequency, same ESSID.
Obviously it would not be possible to bridge across the infrastructure AP, but if all HostAP nodes are IP routers, then
this is not a problem. Is this feasible?

          ----- wired network -----
         HostAP #1 . . . WDS . . . HostAP #2
       (Managed ST)              (Managed ST)

> > I also do not want 
> > to send 4 address frames over it. What I'm trying to do is
> > run HostAP in Managed mode as a station connecting to some 
> > standard AP while also talking to other HostAP nodes via the
> > WDS interfaces. I do not want to bridge (therefore no 4 
> > address frames). I'll just route across the interfaces. I would
> > think that this would be a neat feature that enables one to 
> > extend the range of a standard AP infrastructure.
> I do not think this is feasible with current firmware code. If all the
> APs are on the same channel, you might be able to set this up using
> 4-address WDS links. Why do you not want to use four address frames?
> I don't see much problem in addional six octets in each packet..
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