WDS and hostap trouble

mumu at chimera.cz mumu at chimera.cz
Thu Jun 12 14:38:28 EDT 2003


First problem,
I have 2 AP based on hostap 0.0.3 (without hostapd, master mode used).
I have configured WDS link between them. (iwpriv wlan0 wds_add 00:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx etc.)
All is OK only when AP 1 and AP2 are ready.

Its not OK when I start AP1 without AP2 or AP2 without AP1.

I start up only AP1.
I try connect from client station to AP1. Client station is associated OK and connection is OK. 
All IP adresses are static.
Result of ping to any IP adress on AP is dying this AP.
Only reseting card allow return AP to "running".

Second problem (isn't connected with first problem, this is other situation):
I start single AP. Then I connect from client station. Client station is associated OK and connection is OK. 
I am restarting AP (f.e. reset PC). Client station is associated OK after new start AP.
But communication not working. I can't ping AP. All IP is static !! its'n DHCP used here.
I must disable/enable radio on client side (ORINOCO card, SMC card etc. )

Do you have any idea ?

Last question, can I set level of debug messages to /var/log/debug (without hostapd) ??

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