txpower not working after reset

Achilleas Kotsis akots at freemail.gr
Wed Jun 11 04:23:16 EDT 2003

I am using hostap cvs dated 20030531 with two Prism cards: Senao 2511 and
Engenius 2011.
On both cards, when I use "iwpriv wlan+ reset" (whatever number), I can no
longer set the txpower.
The command succedes, but the txpower remains full.
If I restart pcmcia-cs, then I can set the txpower again.
Let me know if you need any more info to look into the problem.

BTW the txpower "dBm" rating is not accurate, a friend used a spectrum
analyser with an Engenius 2011 (STA fw 1.4.9) and made a handy diagram
between "real dBm" and "hostap dBm"

Achilleas Kotsis a.k.a. Achille
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