Getting wireless stats from hostap kern mod using SNMP

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Tue Jun 10 20:52:11 EDT 2003


I'm working on getting the wireless statistics from the hostap kernel module using SNMP. Initially, I developed a user space program that gets wireless statistics(link quality, signal strength etc.) from the hostap kernel module. I used "ioctl" calls to talk to the kernel module and invoked the function "hostap_get_wireless_stats" (defined in hostap_ioctl.c) to get the stats.
I was looking around to see if a Prism2 MIB has been developed, and found out that it hasn't been done so far, so I started with the IEEE802dot11 MIB(it's available on the web). Used mib2c, which comes alongwith the net-snmp distribution to generate the code framework for the agent. 
I will be using the MIB alongwith the agent modules(ieee802dot11.c and .h files) to get the stats through SNMP. I have figured out the master and subagent framework in net-snmp and am currently working on writing the .c agent. I need some inputs - there is a initialization module and a handler. I'm not sure how to interface my user space pgm with these functions. For example the function prototypes for transmit power look like this
1. initialize_table_dot11PhyTxPowerTable(void)
2. dot11PhyTxPowerTable_handler(netsnmp_mib_handler *handler,
                             netsnmp_handler_registration *reginfo,
                             netsnmp_agent_request_info *reqinfo,
                             netsnmp_request_info *requests)

I was wondering if someone has worked on something like this before. If someone is working currently, we could work together. Eventually I also plan to write a Prism2 MIB. 

Sriram Subramanian
Info Networking Inst., CMU
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