FreeBSD4.8 + Compaq wl100 + hostap

Andrzej Boron andrzej.boron at
Tue Jun 10 05:57:37 EDT 2003

I've problem with running Compaq Wl100 card with hostap mode ..., I used FreeBSD 4.8 
My card perfect working only with that mode: 

ifconfig -m wi0
        ether 00:50:8b:d0:c5:41
        media: IEEE 802.11 Wireless Ethernet DS/11Mbps <adhoc>
        status: associated
        supported media:
                media autoselect
                media autoselect mediaopt ibss-master
                media autoselect mediaopt ibss
                media autoselect mediaopt adhoc
                media manual
                media DS/11Mbps mediaopt ibss-master
                media DS/11Mbps mediaopt ibss
                media DS/11Mbps mediaopt adhoc
                media DS/11Mbps
                media DS/5.5Mbps mediaopt ibss-master
                media DS/5.5Mbps mediaopt ibss
                media DS/5.5Mbps mediaopt adhoc
                media DS/5.5Mbps
                media DS/2Mbps mediaopt ibss-master
                media DS/2Mbps mediaopt ibss
                media DS/2Mbps mediaopt adhoc
                media DS/2Mbps
                media DS/1Mbps mediaopt ibss-master
                media DS/1Mbps mediaopt ibss
                media DS/1Mbps mediaopt adhoc
                media DS/1Mbps
        ssid my_ap 1:my_ap
        stationname "FreeBSD WaveLAN/IEEE node"
        channel 3 authmode OPEN powersavemode OFF powersavesleep 100
        wepmode OFF weptxkey 1

Jun 10 10:17:31 hostname pccardd[992]: pccardd started
Jun 10 10:17:35 hostname /kernel: pccard: card inserted, slot 0
Jun 10 10:17:40 hostname pccardd[992]: Card "Compaq"("WL100_11Mbps_Wir
eless_PC_Card") [Version 01.00] [] matched "Compaq" ("WL100_11Mbps_Wireless_PC_C
ard") [(null)] [(null)]
Jun 10 10:17:45 hostname /kernel: wi0 at port 0x240-0x27f irq 3 slot 0
 on pccard0
Jun 10 10:17:45 hostname /kernel: wi0: 802.11 address: 00:50:8b:d0:c5:
Jun 10 10:17:45 hostname /kernel: wi0: using RF:PRISM2 MAC:HFA3841 CAR
D:HWB3163 rev.A
Jun 10 10:17:45 hostname /kernel: wi0: Intersil Firmware: Primary 0.03
.00, Station 0.08.00
Jun 10 10:17:45 hostname /kernel: xl1: promiscuous mode disabled
Jun 10 10:17:45 hostname /kernel: xl1: promiscuous mode enabled
Jun 10 10:17:46 hostname /kernel: wi0: promiscuous mode enabled
Jun 10 10:17:45 hostname pccardd[992]: wi0: Compaq (WL100_11Mbps_Wirel
ess_PC_Card) inserted.

Does anyone have any idea how is run in hostap mode ???

Best Regards:
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