TX power

JUPO jupo at sector.sk
Mon Jun 9 17:42:11 EDT 2003

Hi dears,

Im new in this conf.
So it can be, that i have stupid question.
How can remote ( via linux) change output power from card.
I use WL360F (sparklan, +- 16db) cca 11meters of RG213 cable and antena is
omnidirectional OMNI V 15dB.
So e.i.r.p is 16dB + 15dB - 5db (cable loss) = 26dB.That is 398mW. Im not
shure, that my calculating is right.
But norm saying clearly. E.i.r.p can be maximum 100mW (20dB).
Then, how can i decrease output from wlan card, without change on my cables
Or is my calculating wrong, and i have really 100mW output?

thank you for answers

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