Patch for Dual AUTH or ACCT server

imp imp at
Tue Jun 10 00:12:16 EDT 2003

Dear jouni..

I found the reason why second Auth server does not send packet to auth server..

I add some small patch radius+AF8-client+AF8-timer() function  Before change server (auth or acct) 
                next +AD0- old +- 1+ADs-
                if (next +AD4- +ACY-(hapd-+AD4-conf-+AD4-auth+AF8-servers
                    +AFs-hapd-+AD4-conf-+AD4-num+AF8-auth+AF8-servers - 1+AF0-))
                        next +AD0- hapd-+AD4-conf-+AD4-auth+AF8-servers+ADs-
                hapd-+AD4-conf-+AD4-auth+AF8-server +AD0- next+ADs-
+ACM-if 1
        if(hapd-+AD4-radius-+AD4-auth+AF8-serv+AF8-sock)						// close previous socket

        hapd-+AD4-radius-+AD4-auth+AF8-serv+AF8-sock +AD0- socket(PF+AF8-INET, SOCK+AF8-DGRAM, 0)+ADs-	// then re-create the socket
        if (hapd-+AD4-radius-+AD4-auth+AF8-serv+AF8-sock +ADw- 0) +AHs-
                perror(+ACI-change auth socket+AFs-PF+AF8-INET,SOCK+AF8-DGRAM+AF0AIg-)+ADs-
                return -1+ADs-
                radius+AF8-change+AF8-server(hapd, next, old,
                                     hapd-+AD4-radius-+AD4-auth+AF8-serv+AF8-sock, 1)+ADs-
	ACCT server change also add this patch..

Then, I work correctly... 

Could you give me any comment ? 

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