re-authentication with hostapd

Jouni Malinen jkmaline at
Sun Jun 8 22:49:35 EDT 2003

On Thu, May 29, 2003 at 10:26:02AM +0100, mohamed ali kaafar wrote:

> i'm using hostap, xsupplicant and freeradius for authentication. setting the session time,
>  the re authentication failed with hostapd, while it's runnig correctly with a material AP
>   (cisco 350 series). what's the problem? is there anyone in the group who can help me??
>    here is the hostap log

> wlan0: STA 00:04:e2:36:8a:c3 IEEE 802.11: deauthenticated due to session timeout
> STA 00:04:e2:36:8a:c3 trying to associate before authentication
>   sta: addr=00:04:e2:36:8a:c3 aid=0 flags=0x0000
> wlan0: STA 00:04:e2:36:8a:c3 IEEE 802.11: did not acknowledge authentication response

It looks like the authentication succeeded otherwise, but the station
did not acknowledge the authentication message. hostapd used to require
that this ACK frame is received before allowing association. I changed
this so that the station is marked authenticated already when the AP is
sending the authentication success frame. Could you please retest with
the latest CVS snapshot from

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