can someone please tell me about unresolved deps, please?

Sergio M. Ammirata ammirata at
Sat Jun 7 12:52:39 EDT 2003

Actually the latest CVS appears to compile without wireless extensions
for people that have them :)

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>To: "Sergio M. Ammirata" <ammirata at>
>From: Ryan Abbenhuys<Sneeze at alphalink.Com.Au>
>Date: Sat, 7 Jun 2003 23:27 +1000
>I have the exact same problem, no wireless extension support with
latest CVS.
>Ryan Abbenhuys

>Last night, I downloaded and compiled latest cvs under my 2.4.20 kernel
>patched with wireless extensions v15. I installed on two different
>(one plx and the other pcmcia) and the driver no longer supports
>extensions. Same setup works fine with 0.0.3.

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