[PATCH] Re: throughput and tx rate in marginal signal conditions

Sergio M. Ammirata ammirata at econointl.com
Fri Jun 6 06:36:26 EDT 2003

I could not find this patch on the latest CVS code. I tried both the
snapshot on the site and going directly to CVS and extracting the files
with anonymous access.

Is it in another branch?


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> Martin Lamb:
> > Here's a patch that allows you to set the number of consective
> > packets before lowering the transmit rate.  This patch defaults to 2
> (per
> > Jean Tourrilhes' suggestion on June 3), but you can change that
> > enough via WLAN_RATE_DECREASE_THRESHOLD.  My colleagues and I are
> > testing it, but so far so good.
> Thanks! Applied with a small change: I changed greater-than comparison
> to greater-than or equal when comparing tx_consecutive_exc to
> WLAN_RATE_UPDATE_COUNT. In other words, if this is defined to be 2,
> will be dropped after two dropped packets, not three. (I did similar
> change for the WLAN_RATE_UPDATE_COUNT, too).
> I did not do any performance testing for this change, so I would be
> interested in results if someone compares the performance of the new
> version to the old one. Old behavior can be configured by setting
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