time taken for set frequency ioctl calls

Ishwar Ramani ishwar at cs.ucsd.edu
Thu Jun 5 15:41:34 EDT 2003

  I am using hostap-0.0.3 on a redhat 9.0 with linksys wpc11 wireless
pc card.
I was experimenting with the ioctl for changing the frequency of the card
in the hostap mode. The time from the ioctl call being sent to the first
packet being received is 23 ms.
I solved the user level delays by setting the process
priority to the highest. It takes around 12.5 msec for the function call
to complete. I also verified this by using timestamps in the driver. The
biggest contributor to this delay is reset_port. But the surprising part
is that it takes another 10 ms before receiving the first packet in the
new new channel. can somebody throw some light on this?


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