/proc files missing statistics

Michael Shuler mike at bwsys.net
Mon Jun 2 14:25:27 EDT 2003

I also had the problem.  It's pretty easy to fix.  I just made my own "cat"

Here's why it doesn't work:
  The busybox cat/more/etc. uses getc which is OK but is not very
efficient. But it is appropriate for what busybox is intended for, small
memory and disk usage.  Based off the way that the hostap driver works
it doesn't deal with this very well.

To fix it:
  Make a quick program in C that opens the file, reads the whole proc file
in using fread instead of getc and then dump it out to stdout.

If anyone wants the source I'll be happy to email it to them.  One of
these days I was going to fix the hostap driver and submit the code but I
just haven't got around to it yet.


Michael Shuler

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