DLink 650 and bitrate problem

Piotr Dąbrowski piotrdab at ks.onet.pl
Mon Jun 2 04:56:53 EDT 2003



I have big problem with my Dlink DWL650 card.

Generally it's working properly with HostAP, except

one thing - changing bitrate. 

After system start bitrate is set to 11M (despite I've put

to /etc/pcmcia/wireless.ops RATE="1M") and 

where I try to use iwconfig:


iwconfig wlan0 rate 1M fixed


iwconfig wlan0 rate 1M 


iwconfig wlan0 bitrate 1M 


it does nothing. :-(


I even try to use prism2_param:


prism2_param wlan0 oper_rates 0


prism2_param wlan0 basic_rates 0


Also with no effect. :-(


After some period of time bitrate is dropping to 2Mbs.

I use 0.0.3 version of hostap with 2.4.20 + iw240_we15-6.diff patch

+ wireless tools v.25.


Could you tell me, what's going on?

Am I making some mistake?


Best regards


Ps. Sorry for my English.

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