hiding SSID

"Holthöfer, Bastian" holthoef at uni-mainz.de
Wed Jul 16 18:10:56 EDT 2003

Dear Jouni!

Thanks a lot for your answer!
Due to my restricted time I tried your workaround to hide the ssid and did not recompile the driver. 

> or run 'iwpriv wlan0 reset 2' after setting enh_sec as a
> workaround.

I am really sorry that resetting the card after disabling ssid-broadcast did not force the ap to hide the ssid in the beacons (tested by WindowsXP).
In a few days maybe I will compile the latest CVS and hopefully disable ssid-broadcasting then.
Which firmware did u use to successfully disable ssid-broadcasts? IMHO is the only available (to public) firmware 1.7.4. Can you send me an link where I can also download the 1.7.1 (you mentioned this particular version)?

Thank you in advance!

Best wishes...

Bastian Holthoefer

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