Bridging vs Nat

Mojo B. Nichols mojo.nichols at
Sun Feb 23 10:33:16 EST 2003

>>>>> "James" == James Harper <james.harper at> writes:

> I get that error and I'm not doing any form of bridging. I just
> posted something about this yesterday, is your card sharing
> interrupts with anything? Mine is sharing with my soundcard, and
> when I use the soundcard whilst there is hostap traffic, I get that
> error and total lockups.

My hypothesis proves to be wrong, NAT will lockup as well:-(

And yes you're correct it is sharing the interrupt with my video card.

> I'm guessing here, but maybe your wireless card is sharing an
> interrupt with something that gets used when your ap's website is
> accessed (harddisk controller is the only thing I can think
> of)... Is this the case? Most likely your hostap machine sit's idle
> otherwise yes?

Thanks very much, how do I change the interrupt on a

Thanks again.


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