Are SMP issues already resolved?

James B. Hiller jhiller at
Fri Aug 29 15:49:39 EDT 2003

> I am planning to migrate my hostap-box to a dual pentium pro box.
> There were several reports on smp-crashes with hostap on the list.
> My question now is, if it is possible to run hostap flawlessly on SMPs now?
> Any comments?

Since I started with hostap about a month ago, I've had it only on
a dual PPro box (Tyan S1662D), and have had no issues.  I was running
hostap-0.0.4 at first, and then went to the CVS version on some date
in the last month because it (the CVS version) had a fix dealing
with volatile RAM downloads; nothing to do with SMP behavior; but
point is, in the two weeks I had straight 0.0.4, no issues, and no
issues since going to CVS.

Some more specifics - am running linux-2.4.21, and the card I'm using
is a DLink DWL-520, version A1, with firmware upgraded to 1.4.9/1.1.0.
I've also had a Netgear MA 311 in there, same firmware, no issues, and
a Zcomax XI-626, same and older firmware, no issues.

FWIW - I'm about 99.9% convinced that the DLink-DWL 520 V B1, which I
have now, the Netgear MA 311, and the Zcomax XI-626 are all the same
card, and that they're all the Zcomax card as the OEM.


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