modversion issue on redhat 9 (Jun Sun)

Jeff Gold hostap at
Thu Aug 28 21:42:14 EDT 2003

Harry Moyes wrote:
> By repute the required .config file to match the default kernel as
> shipped is defconfig deeper in the source tree under say
> /arch/i386/defconfig. I can't confirm that copying this to .config in
> the usual location and recompiling hostap will yield hostap modules with
> versioning to match the default kernel [...]

I can.  Except that the /usr/src/linux-2.4/configs directory is where
the default configuration files are found.  Also note that copying
kernel-2.4.20-i386.config from there into the top level of the RedHat
kernel-source tree into .configs allows the external hostap driver to
build with no problems, but copying kernel-2.4.20-i686.config instead
(as I originally did) results in some but not all kernel symbols being
defined in hostap.o and friends without modversions tags.  Note the 686
instead of 386.  Possibly this is related to the rhconfig.h file issue
that Jun Sun noticed.

Once I selected the proper configuration file everything fell into place
quite nicely.  :-)


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