best card for linux in hostap mode?

Patrick Poncet patrickp at
Thu Aug 28 16:07:06 EDT 2003

I agree

We're using it here and it's great especially with 200mW tx power!!!  

They seem to get harder and harder to get which scares me as we rely so
much on hostap with 802.1x here...  

What is the future of hostap if most manufacturers drop the prism
chipset and those who had it get discontinued???  Any contingency plan
in the works???



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I think SENAO 2511CD Plus ext2 is a very good choice, it has 2 MMCX 
connectors and prism2 chipset, also 200mW txpower.
About USB cards, hostap driver does not support USB.

David Martos (aka DrDoom)

Niki Waibel wrote:

>which wireless card would you recommend for linux in ap mode?
>what about this usb cards (long cable to card and short cable to 
>antenna would be nice ...)?
>niki w. waibel
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