prism2_srec flashing - Exact NICID was not found ...

Jun Sun jsun at
Wed Aug 27 18:45:58 EDT 2003

When I was trying to upgrade the station firmware on a 0x8008 v1.0.1 card,
I got a "Exact NICID was not found.." warning.  See the detail output

Can I proceed to flash with "-i" option?  In fact I seem to remember
Jouni saying "-i" option is ignored when doing flash firmware
upgrade.  Does this mean I can't upgrade station firmware on this card?

Has anybody tried 1.5.6 station firmware on this chip revision?  If
this version works, I wonder if I should just change the program
and flash it anyway.


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[root at localhost 1.5.6]# ../../../build/hostap-030826.1433/hostap/utils/prism2_srec -v wlan1 s1010506.hex 
S3 CRC-16 generation record: start=0x003F1800 len=51140 prog=1
Start address 0x00000000
srec summary for s1010506.hex
Component: 0x001f 1.5.6 (station firmware)
Supported platforms:
  0x8002 1.0.0,  0x8002 1.0.1,  0x8003 1.0.0,  0x8003 1.0.1,  0x8004 1.0.0
  0x8008 1.0.0
Interface compatibility information:
  role=Supplier variant=6 range=1-10 iface=Station Firmware-Driver (4)
  role=Actor    variant=1 range=1-1 iface=Modem-Firmware (1)
  role=Actor    variant=1 range=1-1 iface=Controller-Firmware (2)
  role=Actor    variant=1 range=1-2 iface=Primary Firmware-Driver (3)
Separate S3 data areas:
S3 area count: 3
  addr=0x003EE000..0x003EE069 (len=106)
  addr=0x003F1800..0x003FDFC3 (len=51140)
  addr=0x003FF000..0x003FFCC7 (len=3272)
Total data length: 54518
Start address 0x00000000

Wireless LAN card information:
  NICID: 0x8008 v1.0.1
  PRIID: 0x0015 v0.3.0
  STAID: 0x001f v0.8.2
Interface compatibility information:
  PRI role=Supplier variant=1 range=1-1 iface=Modem-Firmware (1)
  PRI role=Supplier variant=1 range=1-1 iface=Controller-Firmware (2)
  PRI role=Supplier variant=1 range=1-2 iface=Primary Firmware-Driver (3)
  STA role=Supplier variant=1 range=1-6 iface=Station Firmware-Driver (4)
  PRI role=Actor    variant=1 range=1-1 iface=Controller-Firmware (2)
  STA role=Actor    variant=1 range=1-1 iface=Controller-Firmware (2)
  STA role=Actor    variant=1 range=1-1 iface=Modem-Firmware (1)

Verifying update compatibility and combining data:
Exact NICID was not found from the list of supported platforms, but an
alternative that has been reported to work was found.
Plugging PDR 0xffffffff at 0x003fcb7a (len=14)
Plugging PDR 0x0202 at 0x003fdb46 (len=100)
Plugging PDR 0x0203 at 0x003fdbaa (len=128)
Plugging PDR 0x0204 at 0x003fdc2a (len=80)
Plugging PDR 0x0405 at 0x003fdc7a (len=4)
PDR 0x0405 not found from wlan card PDA. Using default data.
  len=4: 00 00 00 30
Plugging PDR 0x0300 at 0x003fdc7e (len=28)
Plugging PDR 0x0301 at 0x003fdc9a (len=34)
Plugging PDR 0x0101 at 0x003fde78 (len=6)
Plugging PDR 0x0103 at 0x003fcb3c (len=12)
Plugging PDR 0x0104 at 0x003fcc74 (len=2)
Plugging PDR 0x0105 at 0x003fde84 (len=2)
Plugging PDR 0x0105 at 0x003fccaa (len=2)
Plugging PDR 0x0105 at 0x003fdf80 (len=2)
Plugging PDR 0x0107 at 0x003fcb4a (len=2)
Plugging PDR 0x0006 at 0x003fcb16 (len=10)
Plugging PDR 0x0406 at 0x003fdf18 (len=2)
PDR 0x0406 not found from wlan card PDA. Using default data.
  len=2: 64 00
Plugging PDR 0x0303 at 0x003fdcc0 (len=2)
PDR 0x0303 not found from wlan card PDA. Using default data.
  len=2: ff 1f
Generating CRC-16 (start=0x003f1800, len=51140) at 0x003f17fe

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