Some more questions...

Erich Schubert erich at
Mon Aug 25 09:49:39 EDT 2003

One more questions:
Is it possible to use a prism 2.5 card in two modes at the same time?
Basically i want the following setup:
802.1x EAP/TSL authenticated frames (private ESSID) should be routed to
one destination, all other (ESSID any, no WEP) should be routed to a
hotspot server (people are expected to use ipsec if they want security
I'd prefer these two connections to be kept apart, like two eth devices.
That would make it very easy to direct the packets to the proper
destination by iptables.
Ultimately two concurrent EAP/TSL sessions would be nice (separated by
ESSID), until 802.11i is finished. ;)

Does that work, or would you need two wlan cards?

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