modversion issue on redhat 9

Byunghwan Lim bhlim at
Wed Aug 27 07:26:45 EDT 2003


After patch, I'm still having a unresolved symbol problem.
I'm using host-0.0.4 and redhat 9.0.
Is there anything wrong with the following ?

Host-0.0.4> patch -p1 < hostap-rh9-modversion-hack.patch
Host-0.0.4> make pccard
Host-0.0.4> make install_pccard

depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in /lib/modules/2.4.20-8/net/hostap_pci.o
depmod:         hostap_set_encryption_R8aaee091
depmod:         hostap_setup_dev_R585c8fcf
depmod:         hostap_handle_sta_rx_R8a16aa2f
depmod:         hostap_info_init_R95534460
depmod:         hostap_init_proc_R7516ad70
depmod:         hostap_remove_proc_Rbff91d9d
depmod:         hostap_add_wds_link_Ra24606a9
depmod:         hostap_check_sta_fw_version_R1e0fcefb
depmod:         hostap_update_rx_stats_R13da1e24
depmod:         hostap_info_process_Re1f71c8d
depmod:         hostap_get_porttype_R431841a9
depmod:         hostap_free_data_R9f39cf07
depmod:         hostap_update_sta_ps_R799b9cbc
depmod:         hostap_handle_sta_crypto_R1d22880d
depmod:         hostap_handle_sta_tx_Rd71e2af9
depmod:         hostap_handle_sta_tx_exc_Ra3141dc7
depmod:         hostap_is_sta_assoc_Rd822bfb8
depmod:         hostap_set_hostapd_R0921b1a0
depmod:         hostap_init_data_R2788054f
depmod:         hostap_rx_R66d8552a
depmod:         hostap_set_antsel_R362084f8

Thank you

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I am surprised that nobody has reported this problem before.

Basically if you compile hostap modules for a redhat 9 box, you
will end up many unresolved kernel symbols when you install the modules.

The problem is that hostap would include linux/modversions.h file ahead
of all other header files, but in reality this file needs to be included
after linux/rhconfig.h file because many #ifdef's used there.

I attached a quick hack here which makes thing work.  I suspect
the true fix is in linux/modversions.h, which should include


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