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Santiago Gala Pérez sgala at
Tue Aug 26 07:23:54 EDT 2003

El martes, 26 agos, 2003, a las 10:52 Europe/Madrid, veronica lane 

> hi guys,
> im trying to going to create a hostap driver into an
> rpm form, instead of .tar. can somebody assist me with
> this or direct me? thanks guys.

It looks like a difficult task, as the binaries will depend on your 
kernel rpms.

For instance, Mandrake kernel RPMs are built for each  version + 
patches + config (like secure, smp, enterprise, ...) and a different 
set of binary hostap modules are needed for each combination.

The cleanest way would be to add the hostap.tgz as a source for the 
kernel SRPM and then generate from it also the 
hostap-modules-<version>+<config>+<architecture>... rpm (and possibly a 
hostapd rpm). The modules should depend completely on the respective 
kernel versions. hostapd possibly just on the hostap sources. It is a 
difficult task, however.

If you are building rpms for an organization where just a few kernels 
are deployed, you could try building just those few versions (again, 
being careful with the dependencies).

The current mandrake kernels, for instance, do include hostap drivers. 
But they are old, do not work without hostapd, and there is no hostapd 
package (a hostapd built from cvs sources is not compatible). So, your 
first task would be to get rid of those (in 
/lib/modules/xxx/3rdparty/...) in the generated kernels (I erase them 
by hand each time I upgrade kernels)

Starting from the mandrake kernel source spec (very complex, though) 
and fixing it to really work (if mandrake kernels are good for you) 
would possibly be simpler unless you are really familiar with the RPM 

Good luck ;-)

> best regards,
> vicky

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