Subject: prism2_srec bugs

Wim Osterholt wim at
Mon Aug 25 17:16:21 EDT 2003

Hello Jouni,

> You might want to take a look at the CVS version of the Host AP driver
> > The prism2_srec utility ...

I'd like to mention some peculiarities.
I'll presumably be the only person in the world that likes to preserve the
cards contents before trying to upgrade it beyond repair. :-)
Anyway, I came to run prism2_srec and it still tells me:
Usage: prism2_srec [-vvrgfd] <interface> <srec file name> [srec file name]
  -d   dump SREC image into prism2_srec.dump

Confusion strikes when I read technospeak like 'downloading' where there's
clearly ment 'uploading', but how wrong can I get?

Running 'prism2_srec -d wlan0' does not give me the desired file
'prism2_srec.dump'.  Checking the source it never will.
It requires parameters that I cannot give. When I disable the check on the
number of command line parameters, it still demands filenames to check for
upload. Actually, it never comes to dump anything. I may disable several of
these items and in the end it produces the desired prism2_srec.dump, it
barfs about segmentation violation and the file remains empty (although
strace gave the impression that some 40K should have been written).

I just downloaded the CVS version, but these bugs are still there.

The cards is a 'BenQ AWL100' and is prism2.5 based. It works well with hostap,
but I can't get it to work with wlan-ng, so prism2dl is not an alternative.

Could you fix prism2_srec somehow, please.

Wim Osterholt.

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