NETDEV WATCHDOG: wlan0: transmit timed out

Sitsofe Wheeler sits at
Mon Aug 25 10:35:00 EDT 2003

On Mon, 2003-08-25 at 13:16, Frank Guidara wrote:
> Hey People,
> I have setup HostAP 0.0.4 on a compaq laptop below is some information
> that may be useful to people. The card works fine apart from the
> timeout's I get on the card. I have orginally had this same wireless
> card in another laptop using an older version of HostAP and not had a
> problem.
I have found that both HostAP and the orinoco drivers seem to both have
this problem with the firmware I was using (0.3.0 primary, 1.4.9
secondary). The linux-wlan drivers do not do have this problem at all
but I am unclear as to when they made the change that caused this
problem to go away...

If your secondary firmware is old you could try a temporary ram upload
of newer firmware (I'm not sure where there are instructions to do this

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