802.1x automatic WEP key negotiation problems

Kyle Rose krose+hostap at krose.org
Sat Aug 23 19:14:45 EDT 2003

Kyle Rose <krose+hostap at krose.org> writes:

> Last night, I successfully set up a HostAP/FreeRADIUS EAP/TLS
> configuration on my firewall machine (PCMCIA->ISA bridge with a
> Linksys WPC11 ver.3) and an xsupplicant configuration on my laptop
> (Lucent Orinoco).

I love responding to my own emails.

So, I've made a bit more progress.  First, I upgraded to 0.0.4 after
noticing that Debian only had 0.0.3.

Now, if I set:

wep_key_len_unicast=5 # or 13, both work

then the laptop and the access point successfully negotiate a WEP key,
which appears on both systems:

root at yupa:/usr/src/modules# hostap_crypt_conf  -l wlan0
Default keys
  algorithm: none

Keys for 00:60:1d:1c:bf:09
  algorithm: WEP
  TX key idx: 1
  key 1: e8 bb d0 d7 30 bc e8 e4 7c 84 be 20 34
  key 2:
  key 3:
  key 4:

the-book-of-life:~# iwconfig
        Encryption key:E8BB-D0D7-30BC-E8E4-7C84-BE20-34

But, when I try to ping the AP from the laptop, nothing gets through
to the IP stack, though I do see lots of lines in /var/log/messages
indicating that hostap is throwing away stuff:

Aug 23 19:09:51 yupa kernel: wlan0: encryption configured, but RX frame not encrypted (SA=00:60:1d:1c:bf:09)

I just downloaded the latest copy of the archives, and Erich Schubert
(<erich at debian.org>) complained of the same problem only a few days
ago.  So, I feel we are very close to the blocker here.

Incidentally, why does activating the broadcast WEP key cause the
behvaior I saw before (nothing getting through at all; no log messages
from hostap; etc.)?


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