SMP report

Denis Vlasenko vda at
Fri Aug 22 02:08:29 EDT 2003

On 19 August 2003 05:56, Jouni Malinen wrote:
> Getting those fid reads returning proper values will certainly remove
> quite a few hw_resets and will thus help with the stability. The other
> issue, i.e., system lockup on hw_reset, may however still exist. I
> actually have couple of patches that could be tested on top of 0.0.4
> release so that we could try to find a way to avoid the crash. If
> someone with an SMP system using hostap_pci is willing to test these,
> please let me know and I'll send the patches. Please note that testing
> these will most probably end up crashing your system number of times..

Maybe it will be faster and more visible to just post the pathes
to the list with appropriate big fat warning. Saves email RTT.

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