HOST AP - A Question from a beginner

Kashif Bhatti Kashif.Bhatti at
Wed Aug 20 02:16:24 EDT 2003

Dear All,

I will be happy to get feed back from you all on my problem.

Currently I am doing research on wireless location. I use a simple setup
where I have an Orinoco Gold wireless LAN card and I use a sniffer
program like Orinico Client Manager to extract signal strength data
from a wireless access point (real access point). I use a laptop running
windows 2000. I only have access to one wireless access point and I was
 thinking if it will be possible to use HOST AP to create a number of mobile
acess points (thats what HOST AP does - right ?).

Suppose I install Linux as the operating system on another laptop
and use a prism chipset based card and install HOST AP, will it
be POSSIBLE for me to treat this mobile access point similar to
the wireless access point that I am already experimenting on.

If I get HOST AP working on the laptop runing Linux, and I
use my laptop that has a Orinoco Gold wireless card. Can I extract
signal strength data using the Orinoco client manager from the mobile
access point created with HOST AP, as I do with the real wireless
access point ?

Or will I have to use Wireless Tools to extract signal strength data
from the cleint laptop installed with Orinoco Gold wireless card, via
the laptop installed with HOST AP ?

As a summary, I want to use my windows 2000 laptop as a client machine
that extracts signal strength data using ORINOCO Client manager
from the  mobile access point using  installed with HOST AP.

All help will be apreciated,

Kind regrads,


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