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I'm using a SWL-2100N, which is a Prism2-based card, and it works fine. IMHO 
Samsung won't de discontinuing this card as they did an AP based on it... 

On Tuesday 19 August 2003 15:37, Madhusudan Singh wrote:
> I use Netgear MA401 (PCMCIA) and MA311(PCI) for my home wireless LAN.
> Both are hostap compatible. I do not know which stores have it. I bought
> mine online at
> On how to do it, I wrote down instrucions at :
> I have not yet added the instructions for the Access Point, but they
> will soon be up.
> Greg Johnson wrote:
> >--- Madhusudan Singh <chhabra at> wrote:
> >>Have you looked at Netgear cards ?
> >
> >Hello Madhusudan,
> >
> >  I have not looked at Netgear cards.  Is there a hostap-compatible
> >Netgear PCI card and a Netgear PCMCIA card that is currently available
> >from Fry's, Best Buy, Circuit City etc.?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Greg Johnson
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