Urgent Help Needed, please

Kashif Bhatti Kashif.Bhatti at student.gu.edu.au
Wed Aug 20 03:00:09 EDT 2003

Dear All,

My experimental setup consists of the following:

1 - Client laptop, Windows 2000, Orinoco Gold Wireless Card, Orinoco CLient
Manager (for extracting signal strength data from a wireless access point).

2 - A REAL wireless access point.

3 - Host AP laptop, Redhat 7.0, Prism based wireless card.

In my experiments I extract signal strenth with my client laptop from a real
access point, using Orinoco client manager software. The signal strength is
stored as
follows in a log file:

,,Start time      ,End time        ,BSSID       ,  Ch,  Sl,  Nl,  Snr, AP
,,2003/07/26-21:06,2003/07/26-21:06,00022D22F930,   3, -51, -94,  43,  Mall

I am thinking of using additional wireless access points and read about
mobile Host AP. If I get Host AP running on Linux (I hope), will it be
possible for me to extract signal strenth with my client laptop (windows
2000) from the beacons transmitted by the Host AP laptop ?



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