Symbol/Nortel 4123 PCI Adapter - Port orinoco module to hosta p

Tue Aug 19 05:13:23 EDT 2003

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> You cannot use a IEEE 802.11 device that operates as a client that is
> associated to an AP ("Managed"/"Infra" mode) to implement 
> layer2 bridge.
> IEEE 802.11 standard frames do not allow the source MAC address be
> changed in the frames sent by that device.

Ok, I didn't know that.
> However, you do not need to use "Master" (AP) mode for bridging; you
> could also use WDS links without normal AP functionality. 
> This may even
> work with Lucent/Orinoco-based cards. At least, I have been 
> able to use
> Host AP driver with Lucent WaveLAN card to send and receive 
> standard WDS
> frames ('iwconfig wlan0 mode Repeater' and then add WDS links with
> iwpriv wds_add command). This does not require Host AP mode.

That sounds like the best solution, but

1. I've got a Nortel/Symbol Card. I read about reports people use this card
succesful in managed mode, but nothing about repeater mode. Do you think
this will work.

2. This leads me to the problem, why I actually posted to this list. My Card
is in a PCI adapter which is NOT with a PLX chip. 

Here again the belonging part of my first post:

>> I want to run the Nortel PCI Card (4123) as a member of a bridge(, but
>> symbol support in the Orinoco driver seems not to be ready for this).
>> I tried with the module available at
>> <> .

>> As far as I can see (with my very basic C knowledge) this module consists
>> only a few lines of code to initial the pcmcia card, and then let the
>> Orinoco driver do its work.
>> The only thing which has to be changed in the Orinoco driver are two
>> of code in Orinoco.c and Orinoco.h.

>> void hermes_struct_init(hermes_t *hw, ulong address,
>> 			int io_space, int reg_spacing)
>> {
>> 	hw->iobase = address;
>> >	hw->iobase1 = 0;
>> >	hw->iobase2 = 0;
>>        	hw->io_space = io_space;
>> 	hw->reg_spacing = reg_spacing;
>> 	hw->inten = 0x0;

>> So my hope is, this could be as easy for the hostap driver.

>> Please don't understand me wrong! I don't ask you for writing a driver
>> me! But I can't do it and I hope to hear from you either 
>> "Forget it! The hostap has got nothing in common with the Orinoco driver,
>> the Nortel_pci module is useless for the hostap driver" 
>> or
>> "No problem! Just ask a friend with C knowledge to have a look at it and
>> change ..........."

(End of quote)

It would be very nice, if anybody could give me an assessment for this.

> Why do you think that masquerading on AP1 would not be OK?

Masquerading ervery connection 2 times is just needless and I worry it will
fail with some  protocols like ftp or messengers. Ok, I know no concretely
reason, ist just a fear.


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