SMP report

James Harper james.harper at
Sun Aug 17 06:24:47 EDT 2003

I'm running 2.6.0-test3 with the latest cvs version of hostap on an SMP 
system and it appears much more stable than previous versions. I just 
tried a flood ping for a few minutes and the only error I got was:

Aug 17 20:19:17 portal kernel: wlan0: hfa384x_cmd_issue: cmd reg was 
busy for 1 usec
Aug 17 20:20:53 portal kernel: wlan0: detected fid change (try=0, 
reg=0044): 0166 a5a4 0166
Aug 17 20:20:59 portal kernel: wlan0: detected fid change (try=0, 
reg=0040): 0000 03d6 03d6

which probably isn't good but previously I would be getting card resets 
and/or crashes etc all over the place.

hope that information is of some use to someone...


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