Unable to Access Inet via HostAP

Brad Davidson kiloman at oatmail.org
Fri Aug 15 12:56:04 EDT 2003

If people around here can't help you, you might have better luck over on 
the Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control (LARTC) mailing list. 
Firewall and routing rules are what they do over there. Help on this 
list drops off around the point you get the client connected to the 
Access Point :)



Landon Chelf wrote:
> Thanx in advance to anyone who can help me get this going.  I have
> tinkered around and around with this and I have it functioning as a
> visible access point that I can connect to.  My problem comes in when
> trying to access the internet.  I'm not an iptables guru or anything but
> I got the following as my iptables startup to supposedly masq the
> connection correctly:
> /etc/sysconfig/iptables file:

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