Understanding what files are what in a flash archive

James B. Hiller jhiller at visi.net
Fri Aug 15 01:05:04 EDT 2003

Maybe this question isn't quite so ludicrous as my last.

As I prepare to flash my DLink DWL-520 to get beyond reported buggy
firmware, I have copied several firmware zip versions.  How does
one determine the differences and applicability among the several
types of files that seem to be included?

For example, 1.1.0 has a file with a pk prefix, and a number that
doesn't quite match the "version" number; as well as an sf number,
and a number that does resemble the version number.

>From this, all I can guess so far is the the sf file is the
"station firmware" of version 1.1.0, but no clue what that pk file
is, and no clue whether these files are suitable for volatile or
non-volatile application (or both?).

Then I look in the 1.7.4 archive, and I see that there are
7 files of all kinds of prefices, include the sf as one of them.
What are these various files for?

Is there a secret decoder ring out there for the file naming?  I've
gone through a little over 50% of the hostap archive, and so far
I remain clueless on this.



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