Query about WEP and dynamic keys

Madhusudan Singh chhabra at eecs.umich.edu
Wed Aug 13 03:16:01 EDT 2003

    Thanks to all the help, I managed to set up my access point and get 
my DHCP server to issue leases, etc.

    I am using wep with a fixed key in the restricted mode, and was 
thinking if a better mechanism could be devised, say, something similar 
to the Kerberos ticket mechanism / ssh. I somehow do not like the idea 
of storing the key (even if the server be behind a hardened firewall) in 
short plain text form, which could compromise the security if the fixed 
key became accidently known.

    Also, if I have a large pool of users (say 6-8), this key would have 
to be given to all of them, increasing the risk of disclosure. I have 
MAC address matching in place, but I want to make it more secure in the 
fashion of ssh as mentioned earlier, including an RSA passphrase 
mechanism for each client that logs on.

    Forgive me if all this sounds rather vague. I am not exactly savvy 
with WEP.



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