How to force client to associate another AP

Timo Vanhatupa timo.vanhatupa at
Wed Aug 13 02:55:47 EDT 2003


I have done it using access control list and it seems to work.
First I set deny policy for access control list and then deny client's 
access and kick it out.

iwpriv wlan0 maccmd 2
iwpriv wlan0 addmac <mac addr>
iwpriv wlan0 kickmac <mac addr>

At least my clients seem to find their way to other APs. I would like to 
know if this does not work
with all clients.

Still I haven't figured out how to know which access points can be heard 
by the client.
Does anyone have ideas how an AP could scan/listen clients that are not 
associated with it and are on the different channel?
If this information would be available it would be easy to force clients 
to selected APs.

Best Regards,
    Timo Vanhatupa

William Tai wrote:

> Hi All:
>     I can not force the client to associate with another AP *with 
> weak signal quality* even though I send deauthencate packet to the client.
> The client still try to associate with my AP.
> IT looks like that client does not pick another AP to associate with.
> Thanx
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