SMP troubles w PCI card

SLeiBt sleibt at
Tue Aug 12 16:56:36 EDT 2003

Hi list!

I finaly got a chance to test my netgear PCI card (that would be MA311 I
think) with hostap and a wifi-enabled laptop.

With the card as sold this spring, abit BP6 with 2 333 celerons and
512Mb ram (nothing overclocked), kernel 2.4.21 smp and hostap 0.0.3 as
in debian unstable, I got twice hard lookups exactly the same as
described in the list, within 2 or maybe 3mn of connecting with the
laptop. Very quick, very little data exchanged, both computers very

I then removed one CPU, changed nothing else (still SMP kernel, but with
only the one cpu), and used the link for 2 hours and more than 300Mb
without a hitch even while moving around.

I will test cvs as soon as I can think in front of my computer rather
than just melt. Hope this will be soon, thank you all for that piece of



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