Cisco and Prism2 AP wds

Pavel Roskin proski at
Tue Aug 12 09:14:33 EDT 2003

On Tue, 12 Aug 2003, Ognjen wrote:

> Has anyone managed to create a functional WDS between Cisco 350 Bridge and the
> Linux box with Prism2 card acting as an AP? I've been working on this for a
> long time but still no luck. I totally shut down the aironet extensions and
> the other things that might cause the problems. With any other piece of
> wireless equipment (3COM Office Connect, Allied Telesyn) WDS works.

You need recent firmware (secondary firmware 1.5.6 or newer) to support
WDS frames in the HostAP mode.  See list archives for details how to flash
the firmware and where to find it.

If you report problems with software, please include its version and error

Pavel Roskin

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