Need advice: whether to flash DLink DWL-520

Eduardo Kaftanski eduardo at
Mon Aug 11 13:28:14 EDT 2003

This looks like my card, out of the box:

> The DWL-520 in Machine A performing the host function has:
> NIC ID=x8013 v1.0.0
> PRI ID=x15 v1.0.5
> STA ID=x1f v1.3.4
> f.  Are there any other questions I should be asking?  I have no
> desire to go to linux-wlan-ng driver unless someone says I should,
> instead of kernel driver for the Prism chipset.

If so, you should flash it to 1.4.9 and then flash it to 1.7.4 to
get the latest enhancements and to properly support WDS. Why the two step
flash? Don't know... but I tried to flash 1.5.6 directly to it and the 
flashing failed. Flashing 1.4.9 first made it work ok again... 

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