WEP problem using Cisco 350 and hostap?

Tyrone TyM949 at netscape.net
Sat Aug 9 18:01:10 EDT 2003


I have an AP setup using latest cvs of hostap ( tried other versions too ) on a ZCOM pcmcia Prism 2.5 card, using isa adaptor.  I'm using a 104 bit wep key on the AP and clients.

Seems to work great when I talk to it with my laptop that has a Prism2 based mini-pci card, or with my Orinoco Silver if I switch wep to 40 bit ( it doesn't support 104). 

However when I try to use my Cisco Airo 350 pcmcia card it acts like the WEP key is wrong.

If AP authentication is open I can associate with the AP ( see essid and HW address with iwconfig ) but can't pass traffic through it.  If I switch the  AP to shared, I can no longer associate ( the cisco card is set to talk to shared AP yes ).

Any ideas I haven't been able to find any answers so far and I'm stuck :(

any suggestions appreciated!

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