problem with sparklan Wl360f

JUPO jupo at
Fri Aug 8 04:28:05 EDT 2003

I have a problem with this station.
MAC addr have i in accept list ( and any others).
All others clients works fine, but only this MAC not. ( not ever....)
Can anyone help me?


Aug  8 10:23:58 ns kernel: AP: drop packet to non-associated STA
Aug  8 10:23:58 ns kernel: wlan0: Could not find STA 00:90:4b:23:8a:d6 for
this TX error (@39044)
Aug  8 10:23:58 ns hostapd: wlan0: STA 00:90:4b:23:8a:d6 IEEE 802.11: did
not acknowledge authentication response

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