Problem compiling hostap for a PCI card

Pavel Roskin proski at
Wed Aug 6 22:13:39 EDT 2003

On Wed, 6 Aug 2003, Madhusudan Singh wrote:

> [root at sggs hostap-0.0.4]# make hostap_pci
> Makefile:38: WARNING: No kernel PCMCIA support found and PCMCIA_PATH is
> not defined
> make: *** No rule to make target `hostap_pci'.  Stop.
>     The machine is a desktop machine. What is all this business about
> PCMCIA support ?

If a message says "warning", it's not a fatal error.  Most wireless cards
are PCMCIA.  Users are reminded that if they don't have PCMCIA support in
the kernel, they should define PCMCIA_PATH.

The real problem is that you are running "make hostap_pci".  You should
just run "make" for 2.4 and newer kernels or "make pci" for 2.4 and older

README clearly needs to be updated for the makefile changes (or maybe
"make pci" and other separate targets should be allowed for 2.6 kernels).

However, I don't see where you found "make hostap_pci".  It's like running
"make foo" and blaming the failure an innocent warning rather than on the
real error message.

Pavel Roskin

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