Failed flash: Senaeo 2511 cd plus. Follow-up

Jerry mrcool at
Wed Aug 6 10:02:41 EDT 2003

I got lucky.

The dos based flash utility worked.  The utility I used, I understood to be for the prism2, as with the firmware included with it.  Well, in order to get into genesis mode, you need to load initial firmware first which allows genesis mode.  Initial firmware is named with an "i" first, just like "p" is for primary, and "s" is for secondary.  I didnt find any besides the 2 hex files included with the flash utility, the files have a different naming convention than what the primary or secondary have, but one had a "1" in it and the other had a "4", so I guessed that the 4 was a later version and tried it.

To use the flash utility, you need to load a legacy driver for the bridge.  To do this you run the "legacy.exe" file included with the flash utility.  When I initially ran this, it gave a short message then asked if a wanted to reboot, I told it no...which apparently works.  The sequence of commands to accomplish the resurrection of the card follows.  Im at work, so the firmware filenames I'll use may not be 100% accurate, but the command itself will be correct...

legacy                                   <-- a must for the pcmcia bridge to work
flash -5v -i ic4000c0.hex          <-- load initial fw and enter genesis mode.  No problems...
flash -5v -g -d pk010101.hex    <-- this ended with a "download failed" !!! 
flash -5v -g -d sf010506.hex     <-- so did this...

At this point I figured that i had done no good and everything was basically the same, if not worse...So I issued this command to show the status of the card...

flash -5v -s                             

I had done this once before flashing anything and had gotten some memory and pda dumps that scrolled out of sight before they could be useful, and ended with some debug info...(I presume that is what it was).  Well, this time, I got the dumps but they seemed to be shorter, and no debug info.  It ended showing the nccid, primary, and secondary as 800C, 1.1.1, and 1.5.6 respectively!!  Which would be correct! But it HAD said that both downloads had failed, so I was skeptical, but I ctrl-alt-del and rebooted into windows... no blat!!  AND the light was on and flashing looking for a network.   whoot!! whoot!!  :)  

At this point I took the card and put it back into the machine it belonged in, and booted it up.  I had my wlan0 interface back, dmesg reported correct pri and sec firmware, and it was looking for the network.  I figured that I could fix it, so I went ahead and flashed on up to 1.7.4 (what I was trying to do to begin with) with prism2_srec.

prism2_srec wlan0 -f sf010704.hex

This went smoothly, with no errors reported, and ended showing the proper pri and sec firmware.  I then rebooted to make sure that everything comes back up properly, which it did with 1.7.4 firmware!!  YAY!!

Unfortunately I have to climb back up my tower to put my machine back in place, so I dont REALLY know if everything works properly or not, but the software/drivers load and seem to work properly, so Im hoping everything's fine, I'll let you know.

As far as debug info on why it failed in the first place.  Im sorry I didnt save it at the time, but that wasnt what was on my mind then.  I dont know that much linux log files, if anyone does, and knows where this info might be, (SuSE 8.0, minimum install, everything "stock" except hostap) let me know, and ill try to find and post it for you all... 

Thanks everyone for your help and attention, and if this helps anyone either NOT kill their card, or resurrect a dead one, then alls not in vain...

Thanks all


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