HostAP & Ethernet Converter

Björn Giesler bjoern at
Wed Aug 6 03:51:31 EDT 2003


I've been running HostAP for a while (Prism 2.5) with several clients 
in my home net, and first of all, it works great! Thanks a lot!

Now, I'm trying to hook up my trusty old NeXT using a Lucent/Orinoco 
Ethernet Converter, which "kind of" works -- I get the first few 
packets of any TCP connection, followed by a "reset by peer". Hooking 
the machine up using TP cable works, so I'm pretty certain that the EC 
is to blame. Pings work, btw.

Are there any known incompatibilities at work here? Which firmware 
should I be using? Does anyone have a similar setup working?

Thanks in advance,

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