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veronica lane lanev007 at
Wed Aug 6 02:19:35 EDT 2003

hi! i have created my pc as an access point using a zcomax card. i have also installed wireless tools so that i can be able to play around with my hostap. 
im planning of doing something that could develop and improve the features of hostap.  is there somebody who can help me with this? 
here are plans of what to do with my hostap:
1.  I'm planning to develop a gui based monitoring system for my hostap so that i can track down my clients. i have tried these viewing through the command "iwspy" but it only indicates the MAC addresses of the clients. is there some kind of software (opensource) that i can download inorder for me to view my clients through their ip_address other than MAC address?
2.  As of the moment, im also trying to research on how i can take control on these clients. such as how can i limit the bandwidth that they consume using my pc as their hostap.  i wanted someone to give me websites and other resources on how i can be able to view the consumption of bandwidth of my clients.
3.  lastly, me and a group of mine wants to create a hostap distribution cd. in this cd, it will already contain the configured kernel for the pc to run on a hostap mode and the driver itself.  probably, we will create this through various rpm's or autoconfiguration strategy. at this point in time, i have no idea yet on how to start. can somebody also assist me with this.
with these in mind, i would definitely be needing help. i would appreciate all your assistance. thank you very much and i will hoping for a reply ASAP.

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